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CompactPCI, 3U, 64-bit. 6U PN: SBV6XH-600 VME64x (Hyrbrid) Backplane, 6U, 6 slots. 1 s lot 6U VPX, 2 slots 6U VXS, 3 slots 6U VME64x no/P0 

3 Jun 2019 Customizable, modular 6-slot 3U VPX chassis targets development applications for benchtop or rackmount use, with 6 slots (5 payload and 1 switch), a 3U VITA 48.1 or IEEE 1101.10 card cage with a variety of backplane Slot Count: up to 21 slots, 0.8” pitch. • 6-layer and high performance 10-layer versions. 3U OPENVPX BACKPLANES. • OpenVPX (65), VPX (VITA 46.x/48.1) and  The XTend4131 is a 3U VPX Development Backplane with Centralized slot and switch slot, and supports connectors for up to two parallel power supply slots. 4 VPX Payload 2 "Leaf Node" Slot 5 VPX Payload 3 Slot 6 VPX Payloa cPCI Backplane. Dawn 3U CompactPCI 2.1 Backplanes With 2-8 Slots Dawn VPX-7997 3U VPX Single Slot VITA 46/65 Backplane · Dawn VPX-7998 Single  VPX30 KEY FEATURES. • Compliant to latest VITA 65 specifications. • Various OpenVPX profiles—contact Pixus for details. • 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 16 slots   3U Backplane. Profiles* 3 RF slots none. BKP3-TIM12-15.3.6-3**. 1OVX312VZK-1X11. √. 12. 9. 3 3U VPX 6 Slot Power & Ground 10G Pass Through. 3 Slots 3U VPX Backplane. VPX ANSI/VITA 65 OpenVPX Compliant; 3 Slots 1" pitch; BKP3-CEN03-15.2.9-3 topology; RTM support 


WILD100 6-Slot 3U OpenVPX Backplane is a rugged 3U Backplane that incorporates slots for up to four Payload Boards, one Switch, and one VITA 62 supply,  OpenVPX (VITA 65.0) Compliant; Backplane Profile BKP3-DIS06-15.2.14.n; 6 3U VPX Slots, 1” pitch; Distributed topology (5 Payload + 1 Switch); 2 Power  The backplane supports data rates as fast as 6.25 gigabaud per VITA 68. It has a one-inch-pitch that is seven slots wide, with five payload slots, data and control  DaTa PLanE. 4 Ethernet 10G Base-KR per payload slot. aPPLICaTIonS. Dense Computing. Payload Slots. Switch/Storage. VPX. 1(1). VPX. 2(6). VPX. 3(5). VPX.

Backplane Profile BKP3-DIS06-15.2.14.n 6 3U VPX Slots, 1” pitch Distributed topology (5 Payload + 1 Switch) 2 Power Supply slots Other profiles available on request Hot-swap load-sharing power supplies 200W output (5/3.3/±12V) 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power input Two 2-slot cPCI PICMG 2.11 AC power supplies AC ON/OFF Switch Input line filter

XVPX-9756 User’s Manual Single-Slot 3U VPX bus Bootable SATA/SAS Drive Module Acromag, Inc. Tel: 248-295-0310 - 6 - 3U 6-Slot OpenVPX Backplane BKP3-DIS06-15.2.14-n Features Compliant to the VITA 65 Standard • Uses the rugged 3U-160 Eurocard form factor • High-speed EPT Velox connector • Provides built in ESD ground protection in every slot Board Specifications • 22 layers • 1 oz. copper power and ground • 0.212” thick PCB, FR-4 or equivalent WILD100 6-Slot 3U OpenVPX Backplane – WS3511 WILD100 6-Slot 3U OpenVPX Backplane is a rugged 3U Backplane that incorporates slots for up to four Payload Boards, one Switch, and one VITA 62 supply, delivering up to 700W. It is SOSA -aligned and 100GbE-capable. See all of the Annapolis Chassis and Backplanes. Kontron can manage the design and manufacturing of any other 3U/6U VPX backplanes. Please contact Kontron at 3U 7-SLoT- CEnTraLIzED rEfErEnCE IFPD071IN3UVPXV ParT nUMBEr 1060-9410 openVPX ProfILE BKP3-CEN07-15.2.3-n rEar I/o ConnECTorS Option DaTa PLanE PCI-Express x4 Gen 3 ConTroL PLanE Ethernet 10G Base-KR aPPLICaTIonS Low cost 10 Gb Ethernet switched systems Payload Slots Switch/Storage VPX 1(1) VPX 2(6) VPX 3(5) VPX 4(4) VPX 5(3) VPX 6(2) VPX 7(7

VPX3-ZU1-SDR-A 3U VPX Zynq Ultrascale+ AD9371 SDR System Development 3U VPX 5-Slots Full-Mesh VITA 46.0 Backplane 3 2. 0 1 1000 B-T 10 S 1 3. 0 Free Slot 2 Free Slot 5 2 N-S 1. 2 T x 4 x 4 RTM-ZU1 Rear IO Transition Module 1 3. 1 Free Slot 2 RTM Free Slot 5 RTM IO IO Free Slot 2 Front Panel Free Slot 5 Front Panel 0. 3-6 z 0. 3-6 z FMC-ZU1RF -A

3U VPX Development Backplane with Centralized Switching for Single or Dual Star Topology When one switch is used, the XTend4130 provides a single star centralized switching topology. When two centralized switches are installed, the XTend4130 supports redundancy on both the control and data planes with a dual star implementation.

Feb 16, 2021 · New LX2160A Arm®-based 3U VPX board supporting 100 GB on the backplane Interface Concept’s IC-ARM-VPX3a 3U VPX board, based on a NXP LX2160A 16-core processor brings cutting-edge processing

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